Precision Measurement is an independent measurement service that specializes in the practice of meter proving and strapping crude oil production tanks.  All of its employees are specifically trained in the API standards and follows them on every job to ensure precision and accuracy.

Precision Measurement’s meter proving service provides reliable scheduling and accurate data reporting that its customers can trust.  Precision Measurement ensures its customers meters are performing to the highest standard, ensuring accurate custody transfer measurement.
Precision Measurement can strap tanks and provide tank tables quickly, alleviating the use of generic tables.  Precision Measurement also provides tank table management services, thus ensuring smooth transitions to changes in purchasers.  Precision Measurement ensures that all parties receive tank tables quickly, so both producers and purchasers have accurate data for the first settlement, alleviating time consuming reconciliation and prior period adjustments.  Generic tank tables are commonly used, which result in costly variations in the volume transacted at the lease site.  It also commonly straps wells that are pipeline connected, so that accurate measurement can take place when pipeline interruptions occur or when production flow exceeds the gathering connections off take ability. 
Precision Measurement is an independent measurement service that gives an unbiased precise and accurate measurement and understands the importance of the custody transfer that takes place at the lease everyday across the oil field.  Tank Strapping is an old practice that needs to be improved for the modern shale revolution in crude oil production and Precision Measurement is ready to set the standard for this transition in business practice.

Tank Strapping - Tank Calibration