Precision Measurement is an independent measurement service that gives an unbiased precise and accurate measurement.  Custody transfer measurement is treated with the utmost importance in all scenarios except the custody transfer of crude oil at the production site.  When crude oil is sold to the pipeline from truck injection stations or line transferred, a custody transfer meter is used.  This meter is proved once a month at minimum, to ensure accuracy.  When rail cars are loaded a similar meter is used.  When barges are loaded, a meter, and or independent inspector is utilized.  Generic tank tables are not accurate and would never be used in any other area of the crude oil logistics chain.
Tank Strapping - Tank Calibration
It is common for producers to leave this obligation on the parties that purchase its oil.  Purchasers are not independent, and in all other areas of the crude oil logistics chain independent measurement specialists are used.  Crude oil traders, marketers and refiners would never let the purchaser’s employees gauge the tanks that they purchase crude from.  This is an old practice that needs to be improved for the modern shale revolution in crude oil production and Precision Measurement is ready to set the standard for this transition in business practice.