Using generic tank tables can result in significant variations.  Strapping pays for itself quickly.   Newly built and installed Factory 400 barrel tanks can hold between 396 and 406 barrels after being calibrated accurately.  This means that every time a tank is cycled, the purchased volume could have a variance of 6 barrels.  This variance represents a significant variation in volume transacted at the lease site.  Conservatively, a single pad can produce in excess of 45,000 barrels per month.  This amounts to a 400 barrel tank cycling 112 times per month, resulting in a potential variance of 672 barrels or approximately $67,200.  Annually this variance grows to 8,064 barrels and $806,400.
Tank Strapping - Tank Calibration


Pipeline production tanks need to be strapped as well.  During the initial flow back of a well it is common to haul production by truck because the pipeline connection is not ready, or is not built to handle the high volume during this period.  In addition, pipeline service can be interrupted for various reasons, and pipeline connected wells are hauled by truck to keep production flowing.  This happens frequently and accurate measurement, using tank tables is essential.