Mike Russell started in the oil industry in 1988 working for Tretolite Chemicals (now Baker Hughes).  He has extensive experience in hauling oil well chemicals, diesel fuel, gasoline, propane and crude oil. Mike hauled crude oil for EOTT (now Plains) and moved on to become a pipeline operator managing crude oil measurement and gathering at the lease, as well as crude oil pipeline injection terminals.
Mike was the North Dakota Operations Manager for Falco Energy Transportation, in which he was part of a team that launched a crude oil transportation business.

He later moved on to become Vice President of Operations for Concord EnergyTransportation.  In this role he launched a transportation company from the ground up and managed all aspects of the company
Mike has over 25 years of experience in the oil patch, and 15 plus years’ experience in crude oil measurement, which includes, the measurement of oil at the lease for acquisition, tank gauging and tank strapping.
Tank Strapping - Tank Calibration

Tank Strapping - Tank Calibration